Sprossenwand FitTop M1 | Metallsprossen | Gebraucht - Sehr gut 200 - 250 cm Blau

Condition: Used - Very Good
Item may have been slightly used and is fully functional.
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Climbing frame with Pull Up Bar incl. Gymnastic Rings, Climbing Rope, Rope Ladder, Trapeze Rope

FitTop M1 is a multifunctional indoor climbing frame for the harmonious development of children. It is a wall bar that is clamped between floor and ceiling and can be easily assembled and disassembled. The children's sports equipment is intended for training children under home conditions.

The simplicity and reliability of the climbing scaffold's construction allows for quick assembly and disassembly of any configuration. The FitTop M1 model is assembled by means of struts without the use of drills, hammers and nails.

Choose between metal and wooden bars for your wall bars. Metal bars are double powder-coated, stable, durable and inexpensive. Wooden bars are made of birch wood, have a diameter of 32 mm, are double-sealed and provide a comfortable and firm grip.

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